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Michael E. Landreth, ALC

Accredited Land Consultant

Colorado Ranch & Land Consultants;
Ranch Brokers - "On Purpose"

You desire to buy or sell a ranch:

You have most likely been directed to this site for a reason, to discover a bit more about us, so let's dive in!  Partner, don't forget to get in touch!

You’d prefer to work with:

  • Qualified experts, Specialists, someone who knows the entire ranch market, You want Professional Brokers that have:

    • The experience needed to create an experience for you,

    • The market knowledge and,

    • The INSIGHTS to lean on while you make important decisions,​

    • You want our 38 combined Years of experience working for you.

    • The resources and network provided by KW Land


Why US? Because what we do is DIFFERENT: 

We evaluate the entire market regardless of who’s listing it is or where it’s posted. 

  • Some broker’s websites only show their own listings, 

  • Some broker’s show all listings in one MLS and not other MLS’s, 

  • Some brokers don’t put their listings into any MLS at all.  

  • How do you know who is showing you what and why?

  • We know all the platforms and capture everyone’s listings. We’ve been at this 38 combined years and we know the market.


For Ranch Buyers, here’s the real question; 

“How do I see and evaluate every property on the market that could meet my needs, to feel confident that I don’t miss THE one?” “Where is the real VALUE, how to compare?” 

For Ranch Sellers; the question is:

“I want to sell my ranch, so how do I know the best pricing and marketing strategies?”  “How do I know the right selling price? Who will counsel me through the process of selling?” ​

At Colorado Ranch & Land Consultants:  we pride ourselves on our comfortable style of relationship, comprehensive service, market knowledge, and our huge network of ranch brokers across the nation, which we engage to assist you. We are extremely client based, focusing on only a few clients at at time, while working the entire Colorado market with our developed reach. You will appreciate our unique analytics; our special way of viewing ranch land values across an entire market; and our proprietary property database analytics, created and proven over the years. 

We will show you data and perspective that can lead you to your best buying or selling strategies, without a doubt… You were referred here, take advantage of us!


We can show you the market you might miss... Read On!

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David Sietsema, MBA

Land & Commercial Specialist

Background for testimonials

Michael knows every ranch.  His knowledge is second to none.


- Dr. Claudio Álvarez, president/CEO of Matusalem, importer of premium Caribbean rums

"David was delightful to work with even when I am stationed in Shanghai, China.  He is knowledgeable and very accommodating."


Robin Cheung, Group Managing Director, V-LOGIC